Thermal Energy Survey
Manufacturing Operations

Thermo Guard provides accurate, thorough and efficient inspections of manufacturing processes and buildings for opportunities to reduce energy waste.  Our Thermal Energy Survey programs provide significant pay back in energy savings.  Additionally our inspections are completed more efficiently, safely and thoroughly then can be done by conventional means. 

After the inspection clients receive comprehensive reports covering suspect equipment that include.Equipment Database Comprehensive Color Report Repair Guidance

Following are detailed descriptions of Thermo Guard’s Thermal Energy Survey program’s various energy related inspections.  An energy inspection survey for one or more of the following areas can identify significant opportunities to reduce your company’s energy consumption.

Energy Equipment Inspections

Processes dependent on steam heating of equipment have many pportunities to lose energy due to hidden equipment failures.  A Thermo Guard inspection makes these hidden problems visible.  The inspection includes the following energy generating and consuming equipment.

Building Envelope Inspections

A thermal survey of the building envelope detects and records anomalies of the wall, door and window assemblies, showing inward and outward losses of energy.  Inspection items include:


Roof Inspections

Roof inspections, performed at night, provide information about roof condition in addition to energy loss areas.  Thermo Guard’s thorough roof inspection will locate wet and missing insulation, wet roofing membrane and flashing problems.  This inspection includes:

  • Visual field inspection of roofing components documented with 35mm photographs of damaged areas or items of concern
  • IR scan of entire roof surface
  • Summary of present condition, along with recommended repair considerations
  • Marking moisture damaged areas with high visibility paint
  • Day time panoramic photographs of the roof area