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Thermo Guard thanks its many customers and staff for their support and guidance

Certified By

Our thermographers are certified Level II
by the
Academy of Infrared Training

Thermo Guard, Inc. has teamed with
Pace Levy, Inc

to provide thermal imaging support for their research and development projects

Thermo Guard, Inc. is proud to be an
Energy Star Partner
to provide our customers with the most up-to-date methods to save energy and reduce costs

We are proud to be selected as a 5 Star website by, professionals in the infrared inspection industry

About Thermo Guard Inc.

Thermo Guard Inc. was started by Howard Broughton to fill a niche in infrared thermography for clients that don't want to purchase their own IR cameras and train their people. The equipment is costly and it takes time to train personnel to be proficient enough to detect and analyze problems. Therefore many companies would rather hire and independent contractor to fulfill their requirements.

Thermo Guard Inc. has the latest and greatest thermal imaging equipment to perform the best possible infrared surveys. We pride ourselves on delivering accurate, detailed reports to ensure our customers have the most accurate information possible for them to make informed decisions.


We are currently seeking business relationships with home inspectors, builders, roofers, and insulation contractors who are interested in differentiating their service portfolio by providing infrared inspection services to their customers and clients. Please contact us if you are interested.



Thermo Guard Inc. uses only the latest in thermal imaging technology. Our camera is a ThermCAM S60 from FLIR Systems Inc. made for all areas of analysis from thermal surveys of homes, electrical power plants, mechanical predictive maintenance to research and development.



ThermoCAM S60 data sheet


Below are published articles co-authored by Howard Broughton (a staff member) during his tenure at NASA Glenn Research Center.

Thermal imaging of a heated airfoil.

Other interesting articles written by the same staff member.

Digital and X-ray imaging of ice shapes.

High speed digital imaging of shed ice particles.