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Energy Surveys

Our trained and certified professional thermographers use state-of the art thermal infrared cameras to perform extensive energy surveys of your home or commercial property. We can improve the efficiency of your home or commercial building by detecting moisture problems and air leakage inside and outside of buildings and homes that can rob energy and increases cost. With Infrared thermal imaging we can find these defects and save you money and costly repair bills. In addition, a thermal inspection is a valuable service to inspect properties before you even buy. We provide comprehensive color reports with thermal and visible images side-by-side for accurate identification and location of defective areas

The energy surveys has the following advantages:

  • Certified, professional thermographer to perform an extensive energy survey of your home or commercial property
  • Comprehensive report with thermal and visible images side-by-side for accurate identification and location of defective areas
  • Validate completed work from builders and contractors
  • Why replace an entire roof if only a fraction requires repair?

Click here to preview a sample electrical inspection report: Sample_Report.pdf

Click here for a comprehensive Energy Survey of a Manufacturing Facility

Energy survey Applications

  • Faulty windows
    • leaks around frame – exfiltration, infiltration
  • Leaky doors
    • crimped insulation, poorly sealed door windows
  • Building envelope
    • wall heating or cooling leakage
    • missing insulation
    • heating and cooling losses due to poor construction, missing insulation and moisture intrusion
    • Moisture in insulation
      • Interior walls
      • in walls behind outdoor cladding
  • Electric junction boxes and fuse panels
    • detect faulty connections
    • detect warm wires in walls
  • Radiant heat installation inspection
  • External water leaks by underground piping
    • Can detect pipes approximately 3.5 ft underground
  • Roof inspections
    • Find water infiltration
    • Find air exfiltration
    • Missing or bad shingles
    • Poorly installed flashing
  • Delaminations and voids in concrete

Thermal and visual image of home

In the image of the above house notice the white area at the lower right of the number 1. The white area represents a hot temperature and in this case it signifies a leak of warm air from the inside to the outside. The intersection of the house and garage lacked the proper insulation.

Images of Common Problems in Homes


Heat loss in basement

Basement: This is an image taken in the basement of a home looking up at the ceiling where the floor joists meet the basement wall. The dark blue spots in the center of the image is cold air infiltrating the otherwise warm basement due to missing insulation between the floor joists and the basement wall.


This is an area that is commonly over-looked, but is extremely important to the efficiency of your home.

Thermal image of furnace

Furnace: Anomalies can be found in furnaces by inspecting them with infrared cameras. Areas that have missing insulation or areas that have heat build-up due to constricted passage ways are visible with this technology.


In areas that have heat loss in the piping, homeowners can choose to insulate the pipes in areas where the loss is occurring instead of insulating the entire piping system.


Bay Window:
Owner of this home had insulation pumped into the walls through holes drilled into the brick from the outside. Owner wanted to verify each was properly insulated. Notice the heated spot under the left portion of the bay window. This is heat coming from the inside of the house. Owner will follow up with insulation contractor.

Exterior Crack: This is a crack in a brick exterior. This was not visible from the ground with the naked eye. Because the crack has retained water it remained cooler that the surrounding area and readily apparent.



Thermo Guard thermographers are certified and experienced to bring you the best quality possible.

Take a look at the larger IR Image

Leaking Windows?