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Electrical Inspections

Infrared electrical surveys are safe, fast and reliable. These inspections can be performed anytime without shuttingdown the equipment or facility. This non-contact inspection method is ideal to find loose connections and faulty equipment before they become a major problem. Preventive maintenance programs that periodically scan your equipment can detect early warning signs of overheating so you can make the repairs before an outage occurs saving you or your customer time and money.

  • Analyze indoor and outdoor electrical equipment
  • Inspect recent repairs or perform monthly surveys

Click here to preview a sample electrical inspection report: Sample_Report.pdf

Knife Switch: Detection of thermal anomalies is simple using infrared. Here is a knife switch that has a poor connection probably due to rust or a loose joint. These types of problems can easily be detected just by walking around and viewing each connection and component with the infrared camera.

PT: You can clearly see that one of the PTs is hotter than the other. This may be caused by one of the PTs is filled with oil and the other is solid. The temperature difference between the two is only about 5 degrees, but it shows that even small temperature differences can be detected and that these differences could alert the electrical technician to a problem.


Thermo Guard was recently working on top of the Higbee building in Cleveland, Ohio and acquired these nice IR images of the city and its buildings.

Click on the images to see a larger size.