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Predictive Maintenance

As part of our unique Predictive Maintenance Program, Thermo Guard inspects and monitors the condition of equipment to detect mechanical and electrical problems at the earliest stages, before a failure occurs. Thermo Guard PdM gives you the convenience of scheduling your repairs when the necessary parts and personnel are available. This proactive approach to maintenance allows recalling information on any piece of equipment from the database to evaluate equipment trends and predict possible failures.

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Predictive Maintenance Applications
• Electrical equipment inspections
• Mechanical equipment inspections
• Manufacturing process evaluations
• Inspections for leaks in building insulation
• Roof condition inspections

A Proactive Maintenance Strategy
• Predictive maintenance reflects a sound management philosophy–it means you are managing the maintenance process rather than maintenance emergencies controlling your operation
• A predictive maintenance strategy makes it possible to set your own repair schedules
•We catalogue the information into a historical database you can use to easily spot anomalies as you monitor equipment deterioration over time

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance Inspections
• Reduce Operational Risk – PdM provides a proactive approach to maintenance control, rather than a reactive response to equipment emergencies that cause unexpected shutdowns
• Relies on periodic Condition Monitoring (CM)
• Ability to determine the degree of component degradation
• Identifies many problems at the earliest stages, before costly failures occur
• Perform maintenance tasks based on need, rather than an arbitrary schedule
• Increases the efficiency of your maintenance personnel - Eliminates time once wasted on jiggling wires in attempts to diagnose problems
- Pre-identifies problems before they become failures

Prevent or Reduce Equipment Damage
• Spot small problems before they can become big problems
• Prolong the life of expensive capital equipment
• Prevent or minimize catastrophic failures

In most manufacturing and process plants, the cost of maintenance is
the single largest contributor to controllable costs. In fact, maintenance
costs can range from 12 to 40 percent of the total cost of goods
produced. However, thermography offers enormous potential to
reduce these costs and increase profitability. Thermo Guard, Inc. offers clients the opportunity to individually determine their direct costs and develop a cost savings model.


Thermal Image of Motor

Motor: This motor has two hotspots, one on the motor mount and the other on the back looking inside at the armature. The temperature rise inside is normal and is well within the operating temperature limits of the equipment. However the hotspot on the motor mount is troubling. The heat buildup is due to a loose motor mount and the motor is rubbing against the mount.


Pipe: This is an image of a heated pipe that normally would not be apparent to the naked eye. Infrared thermography can distinguish which pipes are hot or where pipe have blockages.

Thermal Image of Pipe

Visible Image of Pipes
This visible image was taken in near dark conditions. The heated pipe can readily be seen using infrared technology.

Good Steam Trap
Defective Steam Trap
Above are two steam traps typically used in the manufacturing industry to control steam flow to various molding machines. The trap on the left is a good trap with the incoming line hot and the out going line cool. However the trap on the right is a bad trap where the steam is free-flowing through the trap which is readily visible by both the inlet and exit line being hot. A scan of several traps can be accomplished in seconds and the repaired traps can save energy and money.

Thermo Guard thermographers are currently working with rubber manufacturing companies to analyze mold and platen anomalies

Non-uniform heat distribution on mold