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Thermo Guard is privileged to work with customers who understand and value superior customer service and are dedicated to building long lasting business relationships.

William F. Cole, Jr.
Frog Rock Business Development, LLC



We discovered Thermo Guard while reviewing means of assisting our clientele with their efforts to reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality. The solutions Thermo Guard provides have helped our clientele understand their manufacturing processes in more detail. Our clients have also discovered thermography provides a valuable tool for product development.

Howard Broughton, owner of Thermo Guard, and his staff have shown tremendous flexibility in working with our clients. With his technical background, Howard quickly develops an understanding of our client’s technology. This allows him to better direct the client’s use of thermography services, maximizing the benefit to the client’s efforts.

We recommend manufacturers investigate the potential for Thermo Guard’s thermo imaging services as a tool for;

• Maintenance audit cost reduction.
• Reducing equipment failure outages (electrical, mechanical)
• Process control audits.
• Quality control.
• Energy conservation audits.
• Product research and development.

Our satisfied clients have benefited as a result.